About AstroCalligraphics

AstroCalligraphics.com is launched 25 May 2017! Happy New Moon in Gemini! In progress since 1981 the AstroCalligraphics™ brand finally sees the light of day! As a student of symbols and signs, of semiotics and consciousness, of Jung and old, this venture weaves many threads together. (and not just for astrological projects, of course!)

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AstroCalligraphics™ from the Hermetic Scriptorium is a unique design service developed by Peter Fraterdeus.

Our staff of professional scribes and hermetic engrossers use both ancient and contemporary techniques, from 13th century gilding methods to digital gicleé printing, to produce a one-of-a-kind, hand-made Horoscope, and other Charts, Maps, and Talismans, on fine and hand-made paprts, or the finest vellums and parchments. Of course we will also undertake non-hermetic works as well.

Contemporary and ancient manuscript styles, including Medieval, Renaissance, and early Baroque are produced at the studio . Fine bookbinding, illuminated illustration, heraldic, logographic and emblematic design are available through our collaborative partnerships.

Scope of projects accepted range from intimate '16mo' pillow-books to folio and broadsheet manuscripts, design for inscription, in-situ letter carving, bespoke digital typedesign, etc.

Please contact us with inquiries. For complex personalized projects, we proceed with a multi-phase 'discovery, design, development, delivery' process.

Introductory prices start at $349.* for entry-level chart, hand-inscribed in three or more colors on a gicleé** printed chart wheel  on heavy fine-art paper.

*including free standard shipping in the US
**(gicleé is fine art inkjet reproduction)


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